Importance of Watching Your Skin for Changes

What To Do About Dry, Cracked Skin On Your Hands

When your hands get dry, they can get very painful when they begin to crack. Washing your hands often can also dry your hands out even further. Dry and cracked skin on the hands can make doing just about anything painful, and dry weather may make this even worse. If you have severely dry skin on your hands and it's beginning to get painful, you should seek help from a dermatologist. Your hands may need a medicated lotion or ointment to heal your hands. Read on for some helpful tips to help you heal your hands and treat them in the meantime to offer some relief.

Apply Lotion After Every Hand Washing

Every time you wash your hands, you need to follow it up with some lotion. If you're washing your hands often, your hands are just going to dry out more and more. Apply lotion to your hands immediately after you wash your hands to hold in the moisture. Apply the lotion to your hands and rub it into the cracked portion of your hands as well. Use a lotion that is thick and will stay on your hands, rather than one that is made up of water, which can dry up quickly and won't leave your hands feeling hydrated.

Apply Lotion And Gloves Before Bedtime

If your hands are so dry that you have cracked skin, you should apply lotion at bedtime and then wear soft gloves to bed to help hold in the moisture. Use spa gloves that will hold in the moisture from the lotion and soften and heal your hands. Wear these nightly until your hands heal. 

Use Moisturizing Hand Soap

If you have to wash your hands often throughout the day, use a moisturizing hand soap instead of a soap that dries out your skin. Moisturizing hand soap can clean your hands from bacteria, and moisturize your hands as well. Look for a hand soap that has moisturizer in it. 

Apply Petroleum Jelly

Apply petroleum jelly to your hands and rub it in. The petroleum jelly will prevent dryness and protect your skin from moisture to prevent them from drying out any further. Rub the petroleum jelly in thoroughly so your hands are not left too greasy.

If your hands are dry and cracked, it can be very painful. Make an appointment with a dermatologist—like Hamzavi Dermatology—for treatment. You may need further treatment or medicated treatment to heal your hands.