Importance of Watching Your Skin for Changes

Have A Laser Hair Removal Treatment So You Can Stop Being Bothered By Unwanted Facial Hair

If you're bothered by hair growing on your upper lip or chin, you probably take care to shave it every day. That can be a hassle, and if you forget to shave, you might be embarrassed when you're out in public and you think other people have noticed your facial hair. A solution to consider is cosmetic laser hair removal. You can have laser hair removal done on facial h

What You Should Know Before You Try Dermal Fillers

Injectables are increasingly common, and it makes sense that you might be considering them for your next change in appearance. You have a lot of options for dermal fillers in terms of type and placement. Are you ready to learn more about injectables? This is what you should know before you go in for dermal fillers. Know What Dermal Fillers Are Specifically, dermal fil

Skin Care in Your 40's: What You Should Know

Skin care at any age is very important. You need to pay close attention to growths, your moles, or anything new on your skin. As you age, you're going to notice even more things on your skin, including sunspots and wrinkles. If you're in your 40's, for instance, you'll notice a lot of differences in your skin that you need to pay attention to and it's time to start a

Diagnosing And Treating Autoimmune Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem seen in the dermatologist office. In many cases, hair loss is the result of hormonal changes that occur as you age. Less commonly, hair loss is the result of an underlying autoimmune disease, which may require treatment from various specialists to improve. Diagnosis If you already know you have an autoimmune disease, it is easy to infer t

This Is Why You Shouldn't Use At-Home Mole Removal Kits

Having an unsightly mole can bother you, but there are ways that you should take care of them and ways that you shouldn't. If you're unhappy about a mole you have, you shouldn't try to take care of it at home. Here's why. Tip of the Iceberg Many moles are completely harmless and benign, but not all of them are. In these instances, moles can be the proverbial tip of th